Undisan Eco Village Activities

Embark on a cultural exploration at Undisan Eco Village, a vibrant facet of the D’Umah Bali Eco Tradi Home experience. Rooted in authentic Balinese village life, this immersive setting invites you to participate in a diverse array of activities that capture the essence of local traditions.

Engage in hands-on village activities, from traditional crafts and cooking classes to guided tours that unveil the rich cultural tapestry of Bali. The Undisan Eco Village serves as a dynamic hub for authentic experiences, offering insights into age-old practices and fostering a deeper connection with the island's heritage.

Whether you're partaking in village festivities, learning traditional dance, or joining communal rituals, Undisan Eco Village provides a unique opportunity to interact with the warm-hearted locals and become an integral part of the Balinese way of life. This cultural journey is a celebration of community, tradition, and the spirit of Undisan—a place where the past and present harmoniously converge, leaving indelible memories for all who explore its cultural treasures.


  • Discovering Rural Balinese Life & Farming: “A Cultural Journey in Undisan Village"

  • Let's Soar: Kite-Making Adventure for Kids

  • Jamu-Making Experience: Unveiling the Healing Secrets of Balinese Herbal Medicine

  • Traditional Balinese Culinary Experience and Offering Making in Undisan Village

  • Bali Countryside Cycling Adventure: Explore Scenic Routes and Cultural Landmarks