Private Room with Pool

The Room is a charming retreat that seamlessly fuses modern comfort with traditional Balinese style. The wooden-themed room, adorned with intricate carvings and warm tones, pays homage to Balinese architecture. Nestled within a lush complex, guests can now enjoy an added feature – a refreshing swimming pool.
The private swimming pool within the complex offers a perfect oasis for relaxation and recreation. Surrounded by lush greenery and complemented by the soothing sounds of nature, the pool provides a serene escape. Guests can unwind with a refreshing dip or simply lounge by the poolside, immersing themselves in the tranquil ambiance of the Balinese-inspired surroundings.
This addition enhances the overall experience at Bale Kayu, providing guests with the opportunity to indulge in a perfect blend of cultural immersion, modern comfort, and leisure. Whether exploring the rich heritage of the room's Balinese design or lounging by the pool, guests are invited to enjoy a truly rejuvenating and memorable stay at Bale Kayu.


  • AC
  • Telephone
  • Water Heater
  • Amenities
  • Tea and Coffee
  • Kettle
  • Drink Water


  • Shower & Toiletries


8x6 meters