Swimming Pool

Dive into tranquility at D’Umah Bali Eco Tradi Home with our three distinct swimming pool facilities. The first, nestled in the Bale Kayu area, offers a serene escape surrounded by nature. For a more private retreat, discover the second pool in the secluded Private Bale Batu area. The third pool, located at the front of Bamboo Restaurant, combines culinary delights with aquatic relaxation. Whether you prefer the natural serenity, intimate seclusion, or lively ambiance, our swimming pools cater to varied preferences, ensuring a delightful aquatic experience for every guest.

Undisan Eco Village Activities

Explore the heart of Balinese culture at Undisan Eco Village, an integral part of D’Umah Bali Eco Tradi Home. Immerse yourself in hands-on activities, from traditional crafts to guided tours, offering an authentic glimpse into local life. Whether joining village festivities, learning traditional dance, or engaging in communal rituals, Undisan Eco Village invites you to become a part of Bali’s vibrant heritage—a cultural journey where past and present seamlessly converge, leaving lasting memories of community and tradition.

Kahyangan Spa

Relax and rejuvenate at Kahyangan Spa, nestled within the tranquil embrace of D’Umah Bali Eco Tradi Home. Drawing inspiration from traditional Balinese wellness rituals, this sanctuary invites you to unwind amidst nature. Experience rejuvenating treatments that harmonize body, mind, and spirit, guided by skilled therapists in a serene ambiance. Kahyangan Spa embodies the essence of Balinese hospitality, offering a haven where every moment becomes a retreat into serenity and renewal.


At D’Umah Bali Eco Tradi Home, our bar offers handcrafted cocktails and local brews in a natural ambiance. Whether in the open air or an intimate space, it’s where the spirit of D’Umah Bali thrives. Cheers to shared moments and leisure in our inviting bar—a haven where Bali’s allure meets indulgence.

Bamboo Restaurant

Experience eco-conscious dining at Bamboo Restaurant, where traditional Balinese charm meets global flavors in elegant bamboo surroundings.