Rural Balinese life - Explore Bali farmer life

Upon arrival at the Undisan Village in Bangli, you will be welcome by a local guide who will explain to you the educational system in Bali by visiting the elementary school of the village! Continue by walking through the inner side of the village. Arriving at the rice field area you will start to explore and perceive life as a Balinese traditional farmer, how to plow the rice in the traditional way.

You will learn to work the land using a pair of cow buffalos and plant the rice sprouts which need a balancing movement. A fresh young coconut drink and lunch in the hut in the middle of the rice fields will follow. We will continue with a mellow trekking around rice fields, visit Dalem Temple, the temple of God Shiva, go to the Waterfall, and visit a silver and gold smith homemade jewelry production used for Balinese dancers and during Balinese weddings. At last we will visit a Balinese house compound to join a typical Balinese activity: making offerings and you will be taught an introduction to traditional Gamelan or Rindik music.