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Yoga - Body and spirit ancient balance

This class is excellent for beginners and provides an interesting approach for the experienced practitioner. The class includes meditation, pranayama breathing techniques, vinyasa body movements, asanas body postures and relaxation.

Wedding Blessing - Today is the big day!

Upon your arrival around midday at the Undisan Village, you will be warmly welcomed by your local host at D’Umah Bali. Umah is a Balinese word meaning “home”. Afterwards, you will get the Balinese treatment called Lulur, a body scrub with herbs and spices traditionally performed before Balinese wedding ceremony.

Waterfall trekking - Refreshing

Our local guide will lead the walk through the inner side of the village, witnessing the daily activities of the villagers. Continue to reach the Tangkup waterfall, passing by the rice fields, the coffee plantations, down through the path and across the bamboo bridge.

Rural Balinese life - Explore Bali farmer life

Upon arrival at the Undisan Village in Bangli, you will be welcome by a local guide who will explain to you the educational system in Bali by visiting the elementary school of the village! Continue by walking through the inner side of the village.

Kite making class - Make it and play it

Our staff will assist the children showing how to build a simple, easy-to-make kite and learn to fly it around the fields. Paper kites making is a great experience for kids! A young coconut will be served during the activity. The kite can be brought home as a gift.
De Umah Bali

Herbal Plants Trekking - Learn about Jamu plants

Plants have been the basis for medical treatments through much of human history and in rural Indonesia this activity is still widely practice today.
De Umah Bali

Eco Cycling tour - Enjoy the green surroundings

Departed from your hotel, we head straight to Agro Luwak Coffee Plantation, enjoy a tea or Luwak coffee with Balinese cakes then take some time to explore the coffee plantation and find the civet.

Catching a duck - Farmer life fun

Our staff will escort the children. A short walk to the location of the rice field where the hunt begins. There kids and adults will be assisted to catch a duck, as we say Ngejuk Bebek, in the mud field. A young coconut will be served during the activity.

Balinese Gamelan class - Learn to play the xylophone

We will provide the simple Balinese Attire. Our Gamelan instructor will assist you to wear it. You will be guided through the basic steps to play the Indonesian xylophone called Gamelan. Mineral water will be served during the class.

Balinese Dance class - Grace and funky poses

We will provide the simple Balinese Attire. Our Dance instructor will assist you to wear it. Accompanied by simple live Gamelan music, you will learn some dance movement with the help of our Guru. Mineral water will be served during the class.
De Umah Bali

Balinese Cooking lesson - Secrets of authentic Balinese dishes

Your day starts with visiting a traditional market. There you will find the ingredients for your cooking. Upon your arrival at a traditional house at Undisan village in Bangli you will be warmly welcomed by your local host who will guide you into the secrets of authentic Balinese dishes.